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As a Fox Radio News contributor and founder of the Magnolia Group, a political consulting firm of national influence, I have worked for many candidates and causes including notables, 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, former Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former transportation Chairman Don Young, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Rand Paul.

On Capitol Hill, I worked for Congressmen Larry Combest, Ed Whitfield, and Ron Lewis where I lost my naivety, grew up, and left with ambition and cunningness. I moved to a hot-bed of politics—Texas-- to work on the campaign trail for Congresswoman Kay Granger and Jeb Hensarling. After a winning election cycle in 2002 as Finance Director for Congressman Jeb Hensarling where we increased his campaigning contributions from $19,000 to over $1million in just a few months and was the fourth largest Political Action Committee (PAC) fundraiser for open seat races. It was then I knew there was a niche for a firm that knows how to implement innovative, aggressive, and strategic strategies. 

My firm’s reputation for its results driven approach, filled with a team of committed difference-makers, allowed us to successfully meet our client’s goals of running for public office and having big campaign war chests. In 2012, the Super-PAC that I formed was in the top 50 PACs in the country. However, in growing the Magnolia Group, my clients showed me that the system incentivizes corruption and my self-respect would not allow me to continue to advance their ilk to those institutions I held in esteem. Through their win-at-any-cost approach to life and politics, my clients succeeded at killing my desire to be a part of their system. 

I walked away—but only after a career filled with the exciting and challenging tasks of getting candidates—before anyone knew their names or thought their jokes were funny—elected to office. A recovering political junkie, I now spend most of my days in a small fishing village in Belize, but still maintain a home in Columbus, Mississippi.

About Life on the Campaign Trail

Life on the campaign trail was hectic, fast-paced, and challenging. This page shows a pictorial of how my days were spent—in constant fundraising mode to get people elected to public office.

Here is a TV commercial we did during Grant Stinchfield's campaign:
Here is a video made during Grant Stinchfield's campaign about dirty politics from the Kenny Marchant campaign:
Here is a video made during Grant Stinchfield's campaign about his visit to Occupy Dallas:
On the Campaign Trail for Grant Stinchfield
On the campaign trail
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Customizing campaign strategy
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