A peek inside the world of power-brokers and their culture seen through a very American lens

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"2011 turned out to be the best, and worst, year of my life. It was the year I put my wild plan of running for Congress into action. I knew the system was rigged but I thought I could beat it. So did Leslie Sorrell. We were wrong."


It's illegal to sell yourself unless you're a Congressman or a prostitute in Vegas. In this intriguing political memoir, Leslie Sorrell offers a peek inside the world of power brokers and its culture seen through a very American lens.


I didn’t exactly raise my hand and shout 'I want to work for the devil!' but I ended up doing his bidding anyway. Ironically, more than a few people told me I was doing the Lord’s work. I knew better than that. I wasn’t saving anyone’s soul or leading them to Jesus. But, I did believe I was saving the country.

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